One of My Biggest Pet Peeves…

When getting to know new people and they learn about the work that I do, the follow-up question is almost always…

“So, what’s your favorite movie?”

Gawhhhh. I cringe a little each time someone asks me that question. I’m sure that you’re wondering why being asked such a simple question would bother me so much but you’re probably to afraid to ask me why.

Well… Here’s why.

First off, I feel that it is unfair to vaguely group all of the genres together as if they are all the same. I prefer to be asked “What’s your favorite horror movie? Favorite comedy? Favorite thriller? etc.” Picking one favorite film out of all of the various genres that exist out there, in my opinion, feels like lack of appreciation on the part of the questioner for the differences in each individual genre. I know it’s kinda petty but that’s just how I feel. I guess it’s one of my weird little quirks. lol… Don’t judge me!

So, after taking several deep breaths and counting to ten, I usually answer the question in the way that I’ve just explained to you here and then I proceed to break down my favorite films according to genre…

Favorite Romance


I’m not a huge fan of romance films, but this one really gets to me. I’m not sure if I gravitate more to this film  because of my love of poetry and spoken word, but this is one romance film that has always stuck with me through all of my years. Love… And the expression of love through words is a truly powerful thing to witness. This film is the ultimate “boy meets girl” love story and offers a time stamp of the 90’s in all of its glory. If you haven’t seen it, you should really check it out and let me know what you think.

Favorite Horror


They can remake this film a million times and none of the remakes will EVER compare to the original. Growing up in a Christian household made this film even more chilling for me when I first viewed it. The references to the Bible and what not left me stirring. It left me asking myself, “What if I got pregnant and had a ‘Damien’?” *Shudders* The thought alone makes me even more fearful of having children. lol… But, seriously, this film is timeless. I watch it at least twice a year, especially when autumn approaches. There’s something about the month of October that consistently propels me to watch this movie. It’s only February and I kinda want to watch it now.

Favorite Comedy


This film just never gets old! The writing was great, the acting was great and this film actually made me laugh without me feeling as if I was being forced to laugh. (Does that even make any sense to you?) I was even more impressed with how well the actors mocked Mississippi southern drawl. Not bad, boys. Not bad at all. Even today, 15 years later, I still sing their hit recording song–within the film–“Man of Constant Sorrows”. *Singing* “A place where heeeeeeee was born and raised.” You ever wonder what happened to those good ole Soggy Bottom Boys? It’d be a dream come true if the fictionalized band would be permitted to perform during next year’s Superbowl Halftime show. *Sighs* A girl can dream, can’t she?

Favorite Coming of Age


Boy, boy, boy. Where do I even begin??? I effin love this film. It’s so raw and edgy. It will remain on my list of top favorites for years to come. What’s funny is, I had an interesting discussion regarding this film with a colleague of mine in which he said that he felt that this film should not have been nominated for any academy awards in 1992 because he felt that the film was mediocre at best. Of course, I disagreed with him. And my reasons for why I disagreed are too long to list in this particular blog post. But just know that this film was groundbreaking during it’s time. In an era where Los Angeles was viewed as tinsel town, movie studios and posh shopping centers, who knew that just a few blocks over, other Los Angeles natives were struggling just to make it home alive at the end of each day.

Favorite Drama


A film primarily shot in a single location, incorporating very few shooting angles, with very little technology to work with in order to keep things interesting was actually able to still remain interesting! Who would’ve thunk it?! The simplicity of this film keeps me enamored with it and will forever make it a classic in my eyes. This film proves that you don’t need special effects, explosions, etc. to make a great film. A great film always starts with a great story and, honestly, this film serves to show us just how uncreative we’ve become in film making these days due to the technological advancements that surround us. Ever thought once that perhaps computers have somewhat hindered our creativity as film makers? If you’ve never posed this question to yourself before,  then I highly suggest that you watch this film.

Favorite Thriller


Alfred Hitchcock will always be one of my all time favorite directors. And when it comes to the genre of thriller/mystery, sometimes it really is hard to pick a favorite of his works. Although there were several close seconds, I chose this film because while in film school we screened it in class and once the class was over and we were permitted to leave, on that day, I actually didn’t want to leave my seat. I wanted to stay in class and finish the film all in one sitting. As I stated above, classic films just ooze so much more creativity than I think we could ever hope to achieve as contemporary filmmakers today. We should be jealous. Very jealous.

Favorite Musical


My mom was never a fan of musicals so I grew up not really being exposed to them. But as a teen, and as my love for film continued to present itself, I made it a mission of mine to expose myself to all types of films, musicals included. And to my surprise, I realized that musicals weren’t so bad at all and that I actually enjoyed them. I’ve seen various musicals since then, however, because I was deprived of them as a child, I’m sure that I have a lot of catching up to do. This film, however, is one that entertained me so that I went out and bought the soundtrack. And believe it or not, I have the soundtrack on my Ipod and I regularly listen to it while working out at the gym. There is nothing that motivates more than “I Can’t Do It Alone” interchanging on shuffle with classic 2pac tracks like “Keep Your Head Up” when you’re down to your last ounce of energy and just want to pass out on the gym floor.

Favorite Documentary


And, alas! We’ve reached the end. I live for documentaries as a screenwriter because they aid in research and help me to develop a different perspective of a variety of situations and/or types of characters. Documentaries allow us the chance to actually walk a day, or perhaps a couple of hours, in someone else’s shoes. They assist in helping us understand one another. And this film is no different. The most profound thing is that this documentary allows us a glimpse into the minds of children and shows us just how fast insecurities can rise when children are forced to view themselves as different and/or inferior. This documentary allowed 3rd graders the opportunity to witness the adverse effects of prejudice and racism. Children are always open to learning lessons of acceptance. We just have to be open to giving them the proper and age-appropriate tools to do so.

So, there it is, folks. This is why I can’t just answer the mere question of “What’s your favorite movie?”. I have way too many favorites to count and all for different reasons. If you stuck it out with me during this whole post, I tip my hat to you. I’ve been told that I can be long winded at times but… Yeah. Thanks so much for reading. And, don’t worry. There will be more posts to come. Adios!


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