You’ve probably arrived herSlatee because you are seeking to make a film and need a screenwriter. Well, I personally want to take the time to thank you for stopping by.

Sooooooo… Thank you!!!

Within the realm of film and television, I honestly feel that the most underrated participant in what it takes to bring a vision to life and onto the screen–whether big or small–is the screenwriter. The script is the foundation of the film and without it the director, actors, etc. have nothing. This is why it is essential to find a talented and creative visionary to be the writer of your script. Have no fear! You’ve definitely come to the right place. On this site you’ll find information on the vast amount of services that I provide as well blog posts that will primarily focus on my views on the latest goings-on in film and television.

I’m Jasmine D. Dunn, screenwriter, and I’m ecstatic that our paths have finally crossed today. Now, let’s make some awesome films together, shall we?

“Desire in all of its facets is what makes the world go around. It is what propels all conscious, living things and gives them direction. A story tracks what a person wants, what he’ll do to get it, and what costs he’ll have to pay along the way.” – John Truby

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  1. Don’t mean to invade your professional mail box but…… I’m soooo super proud of you boo!!! I’m very happy and excited for you. I’m glad you’re an individual I had a chance to meet. When you get EVEN bigger I’ll get to say “I know her!!!” I’m excited for what the future has for you Jasmine Dunn!!! You are truly blessed!! That is all continue making money!!


    • Awww. Thanks so much for all of the love and the support, Kiya Jordan. I really appreciate it! I’m happy to have known you as well. Once you put your mind to achieving a goal, the only person who can deter you from doing that is YOU. Always know that. Good luck to you on your current journey! Sky’s the LIMIT!

  2. Hello how you doing today? I just want to say that i see what you got going on thus far, and i salute you on what you have created..and i was wondering if you had any projects that you’re currently working on at this time. If so, feel free to contact me on facebook when you get the chance!

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